Project iTTCP
iTTCP is a plugin that adds support for running of TTCN-3 code to the Eclipse IDE.
14.1.2008: Partnership with Nokia Siemens Networks
The development on iTTCP Project continues under partnership of University of Dortmund, with Nokia Siemens Networks. The parnteship is found at 1.10.2007.
10.6.2007: Web content created
After the initial page structure is created in project wiki, the web page is also started. Screenshots of the running compiler window are also available using links on this page and on the SourceForge project page.
26.5.2007: Project started with SourceForge
To propagate the project to the open source community, to the industrial sector and to anybody who finally is interested into development and using a TTCN-3 IDE, an open source project (this one) is started with SourceForge as project hoster.